TOEIC スピーキングテストの応答問題(Unit3)対策の例題とコツはこれで十分!





そこで皆さんが思うのが、「TOEIC スピーキングって、






応答問題、What の疑問文の例文

1.What do you do for a living?

I repair automobiles

2.What topic will be addressed in the second half of the


We will be going over the sales figures for May.

3.What is in those boxes i the corner?

They’re empty. I found them behind my desk.

4.What delivery arrangements were made for the returned


They’ve gone out with the overnight mail.

5.What happened to the files you were working on yesterday?

Oh, I guess they are in my office where I left them.

6.What are your plans for the unused product samples?

Let’s send them out to retailers.

7.What would you do with your apartment if you’re transferred

to the Tokyo office?

I’ll rent t out.

8.What does she look like?

She looks intelligent and professional.

9.What’s your new boss like?

He is strict; he doesn’t tolerate lateness.

10.What time is our flight?

It takes off at 6:10.

11.What is the estimated length of time for implementing the

new policy?

Approximately 3 months.

12.What are your business hours?

From 10 to 10 on weekdays, and until 6 on weekends.

13.What’s the estimate for the repairs?

They shouldn’t run more than two hundred dollars.

14.What’s holding up the legal proceedings?

We haven’t found a suitable attorney yet.

15.What city will be hosting the next convention?

16.What is changing the logo going to cost us?

The estimates vary widely.

17.What has been decided about the limited parking spaces?

18.On what date will the other branch visit?

I don’t remember. But Lenny might.


1.Why don’t Tranco’s marketers advertise in Chicago?

It’s too far from any of their locations>

2.Why weren’t you ready to demonstrate the new software?

I thought it was going to be unveiled at a later date.

3.Why won’t the air conditioner be fixed until Monday?

4.Why aren’t those delivery men here yet?

Probably because of the weather.

5.Why do you  think they closed the main street to traffic


They were paving the road.

6.Why isn’t the dry cleaners open?

I think it’s still too early.

7.Why didn’t you ask Joe to finish the work?

I know that he is already busy with the proposal.

8.Why haven’t any of those invoices been mailed yet?

We’re waiting until Monday morning to send them.

9.Why does Tom want to eat lunch by himself?

Maybe he wants to enjoy some quiet time.

10.Why are these magazines being thrown out?

11.Why hasn’t the mail room delivered today’s mail yet?

I thought they had.

12.Why can’t you speak with Mr.Pagli right now?

Tell him I’ll call back later.

13.Why haven’t you shown us the new brochure yet?

It’s almost ready.

14.Why are there never any taxis in front of this building?

I can see one coming now.


1.How are you getting to the terminal?

We will be borrowing one of the company cars

2.How have you arranged to find a temporary replacement

for Ms.Otta?

The staffing service will send someone next week?

3.How do you know Bob Stossey?

We went to the same university.

4.How do I get to 40th street form here?

Take a right at the stoplight, and just go straight

for 3 blocks.

5.How did the market testing come out?

The results are promising.

6.How does your new coat fit?

It’s very warm and comfortable.

7.How is the work going on the budget report?

It sill be reay soon.

8.How’s the commute from the suburbs?

I’m getting used to it.

9.How do you think your department will do with the aded workload?

I am sure they will be able to get everything done.

10.How would you feel about taking a few days off and going out of town?

I wish I could, but I’ve already used all my vacation days.

11.How do you like the view from your office?

It’s quite impressive.

12.How’s the new software working on?

It’s much faster than the old version.

13.How long do you think the meeting will last?

14.How long is that warranty good for?

15.How long has Carmela been at this branch?

Almost a year.

16.How many times a week do you work overtime on average?

17.How many of these invoices have yet to be processed?

All of them.

18.How many boxes are being sent out today?

We have almost 40 of them.

19.How much does it cost to ship overnight?

20.How much is  a seat in first class?

21.How much time do you need to approve these loans?

22.How much paid vacation time have I accrued?

23.How soon will your services be available?

24.How do I use the scanner?

25.How is this event going to be paid for?

26.How much is this suit?

27.How many new employees are going to be hired?


When is the bill due?

When is your interview with the director?

When’s the next train to Sacramento?

When should we expect to receive notice?

When do we have to submit our financial statement?

When will Mr.Gonzalo decide on a logo?

After all the color schemes are sampled.

When should I send y resume?

This afternoon would be good.

When was the fire extinguisher last checked?

It’s written on the label.

When is the factory closing down?

It’s not certain yet.

When will you be promoted to manager?

I wish I knew.


Where are we supposed to meet for the conference?

In the manager’s office.

Where did you say you found the shipping envelopes?

On a rack.

Where can I see an employee telephone directory?

On the notice board.

Where Can I address the complaint letter?

To the customer service department.

Where should this magazine rack go?

How about next to the brown chair in the lobby.

Where am I supposed to register for the workshop?

You should check at the reception desk.

Where do we buy computers?

We get them from a wholesale dealer.

Where are we getting the advertising money?

Mostly from venture capitalists.

Where did Jenny mention she planned to go today?

She’s seeing a client at the factory.

Where Should I turn in the copy of the budget you gave me?

Just hold onto it for a while.

Who で始まる疑問文と答え

1.Who organized the party?

2.Who can fill me in on the weekend’s events?

Kate has all the information.

3.Whose job is it to monitor the interns?

Miranda is in charge of that.

4.Who’s responsible for handing out the event programs?

Michelle said she’d do it.

5.Who should I leave my application with?

Ms.Mutter will take care of it for you.

6.Who was that on the phone?

Our lawyer.

7.Who can recommend a better approach to the project?

Your supervisor is the best person to ask.

8.Who do I see for buyer contact information?

I can help you with that.

9.Who’s responsible for servicing the refrigerator?

It’s still under warranty.

10.Whose turn is it to make the coffee?

It is probably your turn.

11.Who is your boss expecting tomorrow?

There’s nothing on his calendar.


1.Which button activates the full-screen preview mode?

The green one on the left.

2.Which building proposals are still up for selection?

The ones that are in the gray folder.

3.Which argument made the most sense to you?

The one Mr.Fogel presented.

4.Which building is the cafeteria?

5.Which of you unplugged the fax machine?

Norton did it by accident.

6.Which bank offers the best interest?

The American bank.

7.Which city offers a more lucrative market; Dallas or Boulder?

Dallas looks better to me.


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